March 26-28, 2018
Argonaut Hotel, San Francisco, CA

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In this video, you will hear from some of the senior-level executives who attended Corporate Learning Week last year. They shared their honest thoughts on what sets this summit apart from the rest and why you cannot miss the upcoming Corporate Learning Week Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley Past Attendee List

The following are a list of anticipated attendees that will chat about L&D in the digital disruption age, and new learning expectations to keep pace with the ever-evolving organizational skill sets.

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7 Communication Do’s and Don’ts for Leaders Facing Rapid Organizational Change

In an increasingly interconnected world, change and disruption are the new normal. Technology has been the catalyst for great accomplishment and even greater change. With the fast pace of work, organizations are forced to make a choice: adapt or get left behind. How can you navigate such massive change with better success and higher morale? Download this e-book to learn the top do's and don'ts for leaders facing change and why this is so important.

CLO Week: Silicon Valley Top Technologies

CLN recently surveyed a few of our L&D leaders. Here's what they had to say.

Learning in the Age of Immediacy: 5 Factors for How We Connect, Communicate, and Get Work Done

In this eBook sample, learning leader and CLW speaker Brandon Carson shares how to shape your thinking around fundamental components driving the digital transformation. The book describes five factors on which learning leaders should focus to help their employees and customers take full advantage of new technology. The choices learning leaders make now impact an organization’s ability to focus on real outcomes and measurable results. Brandon Carson is Director of Learning at The Home Depot.

Exclusive Content

NeuroLeadership Journal: The Science of Making Learning Stick: An Update to the AGES Model

By: Josh Davis, Maite Balda, David Rock, Paul McGinniss and Lila Davachi

In the ever-changing world of modern business, one constant is the need to learn. With the rapid pace of change and the unpredictability of technologies and markets, there is no way to teach all that is necessary prior to entering the workforce. And continued learning once on the job, is a must. Neuroscience suggests four principles that embed new learning so that it sticks.

The 2017 Learning Ecosystem E-book

Interested in optimizing your learning ecosystem? In this packet find out how leading edge companies such as RBC and IBM cultivate exceptional learning experiences with design thinking, learning analytics and business-aligned L&D strategies. Chapters include: 2017 Industry Trends, Designing & Developing a 21st Century Learning Ecosystem, The Architects of Experience, Techniques on Measuring Leadership Effectiveness and Calculating ROI in Training and Performance Improvement.

Past Speaker Lookbook

In this past speaker kit, you will find noteworthy speaker interviews from previous iterations of Corporate Learning Week.  The senior-level executives interviewed in this packet include:

  • Damian Hanft, Senior Director of L&D, Arby's
  • Armando Lourenzo, Chief Learning Officer, Ernst & Young
  • Asama Khan, Head of Learning and Development, Miraca Life Sciences
  • Dr. Robert Kegan, Meehan Professor of Adult Learning at Harvard University & Author
  • Michael Kennedy, Associate Vice President of Learning and Leadership Development, National Basketball Association
  • Kelley Cornish, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, TD Bank
  • Karen Schukle, Senior Director Learning Analytics, ADP
  • Josh Davis, Head of Research, Neuroleadership Institute
  • Jayson Maxwell, Head of Corporate Training and Development, Six Flags

How's Your Learning Culture

By: Marcia Conner

Conduct a learning culture audit to begin the process of creating a learning culture and to enroll others in the effort. Although there may be no single best way to do this, using this diagnostic can help you assess your organization and your management team’s orientation to learning. While this learning culture audit is not exhaustive and may not be in the form that will work best for your organization, it may help you assess how you are doing as a leader of a learning culture. We invite you to consider each question carefully and think about your behavior and that of your colleagues.

How Facebook is Modernizing the Learning Experience

Prior to Corporate Learning Week Silicon Valley this upcoming March, we spoke with keynote panelist Kate Berardo on emerging technologies in L&D and the steps Facebook is taking to reinvent the learning experience. Kate Berardo is currently the Head of Leadership Development at Facebook. 

Keynote & Author Spotlight: Brandon Carson, Director of Learning at The Home Depot

In this keynote speaker spotlight, we spoke with Brandon Carson about his top priorities for 2018, what inspired him to write his latest book Learning in the Age of Immediacy, his advice for learning leaders working with emerging workplace disruptions and more.

Developing Leaders Gives You the Competitive Edge

Why should you worry about leadership development? Gallup's famous American Workplace survey found that approximately 70% of American employees are either not engaged or are actively disengaged and that's costing corporations $450 - $550 billion per year. Learn why leadership development is critical to your future success.

Past Speaker: Dr. Robert Kegan

Meet one of Amazon's best selling authors in Workplace Development: Dr. Robert Kegan, Meehan Professor of Adult Learning at Harvard University & Author as he discusses and pinpoints the reason why organizations waste precious time.

How To Create A Learning Environment People Actually Want To Be Part Of

In this Forbes article, Julie Veloz, VP of Learning & Development at IPG Mediabrands shares how to create a learning environment employees will want to participate in. Julie Veloz will be speaking this March at Corporate Learning Week Silicon Valley.

Killing the Money Myth. 5 Ways to Revive Rewards

Brought to you by Keynote Speaker, Sebastian Bailey, Author of "Mind Gym: Achieve More by Thinking Differently”, CEO and Co-Founder The Mind Gym

Mind Gym's 30 minute webinar reveals:

  • Why recognition is worth more than monetary reward
  • The most common pitfalls of recognition, and five ways to get it right
  • What managers should be doing to get the most from their people and why money isn’t enough

Top L&D Challenges of 2018

We surveyed over 100 senior-level executives from Corporate Learning Week to learn the top L&D challenges of 2018, what corporate learners have spent to counter these challenges, and the top priorities for new learning solutions in 2018 and 2019. Download this infographic to learn the highest priorities of L&D leaders.

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Hey Managers: It’s OK Not To Be Liked

by Sebastian Bailey Managers have one of the most difficult yet important roles in company life: deliver the company strategy through their people.

Can You Catch Rudeness Like A Cold?

By Sebastian Bailey, Author of "Mind Gym: Achieve More by Thinking Differently”, CEO and Co-Founder The Mind Gym

Research has shown that when managers feel they are being treated unfairly they pass this mistreatment onto their own employees. Everyday micro-aggressions – seemingly small, often unconscious behaviors that make others feel excluded – are on the rise as organizations become more diverse and individuals react to those who are different to them.

Past Presentations

Building Organizational Agility Starts with an Agile Talent System

In a customer centric culture, we need to be agile and define ways that we can meet the business needs by preparing our people to develop curricula and delivery in an agile way. Catherine Curtis, Senior Manager of Instructional Design at Amazon, shares templates for streamlining processes, how to adapt processes to enable accelerated learning goals, and how to build quality learning programs and engage exclusive stakeholders.

Drive Business Success By Building a Team of Leaders

Personal motivation and a strong connection to team goals are key indicators of whether a company will compete and win in ever-changing markets. The most successful companies support teams that seek diversity, practice inclusive behaviors and are open to new ideas. Research shows when people feel included at work their engagement and performance improves, resulting in more creative solutions that appeal to a broader audience.

Shawna Erdman, Director of Global Leadership & Learning at Intel Corporation, shares the latest neuroscience research critical for developing agile organizations. She additionally shares how to incorporate diversity and inclusion as a cultural design principle (rather than a standalone program) and how to invest in development opportunities for executives and high potentials to create a top down mindset of innovation and inclusion.

Engaging the Millennial Mind

Roderick Jefferson, Vice President of Global Enablement at Marketo presents on why adjusting your learning programs to your learners' expectations is a winning solution, learning design principles that are proven and successful, and evaluating your learners and their needs within the context of 21st century learning design.

Unleashing “Learnatics”: How Organizations that can Learn Stay Ahead

Sebastian Bailey, President and Co-Founder of The Mind Gym, presents on the characteristics of a learnatic, what stops learnacy for spreading, how to develop learnacy in others, and proven ways to make learnacy go viral across an organization.