March 26-28, 2018
San Francisco, CA

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The following are a list of anticipated attendees that will chat about L&D in the digital disruption age, and new learning expectations to keep pace with the ever-evolving organizational skill sets.

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ansrsource: Improving Critical Thinking Skills

Corporate Learning Network and Ansrsource teamed up and surveyed learning and training leaders at corporations around the globe on how they measure knowledge investment. Take a look at Ansrsource's findings, ultimately confirming that critical thinking training is the greatest unmet need.

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Past Speaker: Dr. Robert Kegan

Meet one of Amazon's best selling authors in Workplace Development: Dr. Robert Kegan, Meehan Professor of Adult Learning at Harvard University & Author as he discusses and pinpoints the reason why organizations waste precious time.

Kill Your Performance Ratings - Neuroscience shows why numbers-based HR management is obsolete

“According to the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), a management research group, surveys have found that 95 percent of managers are dissatisfied with their PM systems, and 90 percent of HR heads believe they do not yield accurate information.” Take a look at the evidence brought to you by  CLW’s featured keynote, Josh Dallas, Head of Research at the NeuroLeadership Institute, along with his colleagues David Rock& Beth Jones at NeuroLeadership Institute as they discuss why numbers-based HR Management is obsolete.  

NeuroLeadership Journal: The Science of Making Learning Stick: An Update to the AGES Model

By: Josh Davis, Maite Balda, David Rock, Paul McGinniss and Lila Davachi

In the ever-changing world of modern business, one constant is the need to learn. With the rapid pace of change and the unpredictability of technologies and markets, there is no way to teach all that is necessary prior to entering the workforce. And continued learning once on the job, is a must. Neuroscience suggests four principles that embed new learning so that it sticks.

Drucker on Learning & Development: A Mini e-Book

Peter F. Drucker is the most respected management thinkers of all-time. Almost every major issue and challenge related to managing change, developing people, aligning training with corporate goals, and dozens of other topics were identified, analyzed, and prescribed for by Drucker.
He, however, addressed these topics as sub-themes throughout his major works. Corporate Learning Network (CLN) has been devoted to more broadly disseminating the principles and practices of Drucker. Many of our contributors have clarified, amplified, and extended many of the principles and practices first developed by Drucker.

Killing the Money Myth. 5 Ways to Revive Rewards

Brought to you by Keynote Speaker, Sebastian Bailey, Author of "Mind Gym: Achieve More by Thinking Differently”, CEO and Co-Founder The Mind Gym

Mind Gym's 30 minute webinar reveals:

  • Why recognition is worth more than monetary reward
  • The most common pitfalls of recognition, and five ways to get it right
  • What managers should be doing to get the most from their people and why money isn’t enough

Pay Attention! Why Attention Is the Foundation for Self-Management

By: By Jeremy Hunter, PhD

This article, the first in a series of articles/webinars by celebrated Drucker-inspired executive effectiveness expert, Dr. Jeremy Hunter, presents the building blocks of self-management and how they fit together to create mindfulness, that is, self-awareness & self regulation.

Hey Managers: It’s OK Not To Be Liked

by Sebastian Bailey Managers have one of the most difficult yet important roles in company life: deliver the company strategy through their people.

How's Your Learning Culture

By: Marcia Conner

Conduct a learning culture audit to begin the process of creating a learning culture and to enroll others in the effort. Although there may be no single best way to do this, using this diagnostic can help you assess your organization and your management team’s orientation to learning. While this learning culture audit is not exhaustive and may not be in the form that will work best for your organization, it may help you assess how you are doing as a leader of a learning culture. We invite you to consider each question carefully and think about your behavior and that of your colleagues.

Developing Leaders Gives You the Competitive Edge

Why should you worry about leadership development? Gallup's famous American Workplace survey found that approximately 70% of American employees are either not engaged or are actively disengaged and that's costing corporations $450 - $550 billion per year. Learn why leadership development is critical to your future success.

Can You Catch Rudeness Like A Cold?

By Sebastian Bailey, Author of "Mind Gym: Achieve More by Thinking Differently”, CEO and Co-Founder The Mind Gym

Research has shown that when managers feel they are being treated unfairly they pass this mistreatment onto their own employees. Everyday micro-aggressions – seemingly small, often unconscious behaviors that make others feel excluded – are on the rise as organizations become more diverse and individuals react to those who are different to them.

The New Social Learning - Sample Chapter

By Marcia Conner & Tony Bingham

Take a look at the sample chapter from CLW's Keynote Marcia Conner's latest book: The New Social Learning. In this newly revised and updated edition of The New Social Learning, Tony Bingham and Marcia Conner dispel organizational myths and fears about social media.

Help! One of the Team is Tearing Us Apart

When a team is working together they are more than a collection of individuals; they are a functioning entity that can accomplish more than each individual thought possible. Unfortunately, a single person can destroy that team synergy, changing a smoothly functioning team back into a group of individuals. Read how to handle this type of scenario.

Shifting to a Strategy of Innovation: The Key Role of Leadership in Consumer Packaged Goods

The recommendations in this report have been prepared by Penn State Executive Programs, Innovative-Thought, and the Penn State Leadership and Innovation Laboratory (collectively the Penn State team). The Penn State team is comprised of Sam Hunter, Pete Steinberg, and Maria Taylor. Please refer to the attached experience summaries.

The 2017 Learning Ecosystem E-book

Interested in optimizing your learning ecosystem? In this packet find out how leading edge companies such as RBC and IBM cultivate exceptional learning experiences with design thinking, learning analytics and business-aligned L&D strategies. Chapters include: 2017 Industry Trends, Designing & Developing a 21st Century Learning Ecosystem, The Architects of Experience, Techniques on Measuring Leadership Effectiveness and Calculating ROI in Training and Performance Improvement.


7 Communication Do’s and Don’ts for Leaders Facing Rapid Organizational Change

In an increasingly interconnected world, change and disruption are the new normal. Technology has been the catalyst for great accomplishment and even greater change. With the fast pace of work, organizations are forced to make a choice: adapt or get left behind. How can you navigate such massive change with better success and higher morale? Download this e-book to learn the top do's and don'ts for leaders facing change and why this is so important.

Additional Content

CLO Week: Silicon Valley Top Technologies

CLN recently surveyed a few of our L&D leaders. Here's what they had to say.

Current State: The world of Millennials at work

Mark Fernandes, Chief Leadership Officer, Luck Companies, provides a thorough breakdown of Millennials as a generation and within the workplace. Why is this important? Because the generation will represent 75% of the workforce within 10 years. And, guess what? Their main priority isn't making copious amounts of money, it's to have a significant role in society, have flexibility with their time and to have input on important issues. 

14 Great Corporate Learning Infographics

14 corporate learning infographics that are interesting, insightful and inspiring. The infographics touch on topics such as learning & development, gamification, mobile, LMS systems and are tied to sessions at Corporate Learning Week that cover similar topics.

5 Steps to Start Using Learning Analytics

Knowing how to effectively use learning analytics is a priority for many learning and development (L&D) professionals—but for many practitioners, simply getting started is often the hardest part. The good news is that it’s easier than you might think. In other words, don’t let talk of advanced statistics, artificial intelligence, or prediction models intimidate you. In fact, there’s a lot you can do with simple metrics and the data you have right now. Provided by


The Next Generation Corp U: Mobile, Social and Data-Driven

Kate Hyatt, SVP HR and Chief People Officer at Healthgrades introduces a case study on ProBuild a lumber and building supplies company. She discusses business challenges and opportunities, and the different solutions given to address these challenges.

Welcome to the Future of Learning: Leading with Strategic Thinking

Aaron Olson, Chief Talent Officer at Aon plc, discusses the compelling link between leadership practice and business results, the clear implications of disruption, and strategic thinking makes leaders more effective. Also examples provided on what it means to lead strategically, how to thrive in the midst of disruptive change and more!

Small Steps to Big Wins: How Microlearning Transforms Organizations

Presented by Grovo This guide explains the method, philosophy, and business benefits of microlearning. The idea is simple: in an environment of information overload, small content is the only way to engage learners in the process of building successful behaviors.

Putting Learning First

Sarah Azizi, Business Development & Partnerships at Degreed, speaks about how to stop struggling to connect L&D to learners, starting to put learners first, rewire L&D for learner-centric learning, and more!

Transforming the First 90 Days to Reimagine Performance Development

Director of Learning & Development at Intuit Inc., Don Yager, presents on challenges such as curriculum for care agents primarily instructor-led, and learner experience primarily lecture and watching. Also what happens underperforming agents, the future state of L&D, root cause analysis, the E2E performance-based training model, and the importance of re-engineering.

Activating Gamification & Simulation for More Powerful Learning Outcomes

Mira Mendlovitz & Stephanie Daul, Learning Development Consultants at Grainger, discusses the benefits of gamification within learning techniques, research on Meta-Analysis vs Empirical, the different types of games that could transfer into a tool for learning, and how to get your game created.

Communities of Practice and Social Collaboration in the Your Workplace

Chris Hardy, Director at Defense Acquisition University, speaks about providing online tools to enhance job performance, tracking performance support tools usage, current knowledge framework – Knowledge Repositories, Hosting Systems, and Social Interaction/Networking. He also touches on the future knowledge framework and more!

Linking Business Acumen to Organizational Strategy and Learning Out comes

Kevin Cope, President & CEO at Acumen Learning, speaks about The 5 Business Drivers; Cash On Hand Generation, Growth Top Line Bottom Line, People Employees Customers, Profit Revenues Expenses, Assets Strength Utilization, and how they are all connected. Plus much more!

Learning in the Digital Age: The Third Way

Ketchum bet that an online 5 hour course could differentiate it from its competitors in the high pressure PR field. Breaking the old dualism of classroom vs. eLearning “Ketchum 2016: The Race to Make It Real” involved 1,900 colleagues in global groups of 33 each competing to bring the best ideas to help Ketchum win in the marketplace.

Ketchum's CEO used the winning ideas to implement Ketchum's strategy which transcends both classroom and elearning to build a new way of creating knowledge that lifts the overall community while lowering costs.

Making Something Out of Nothing: Learning Support on a Shoestring Budget

Kim Stewart, Chief Learning Officer at First Citizens Bank, presents on learning and development and learning support at FCB, gives example of a case study, lists available solutions/tools, and the onboarding/assimilation process. While also supplying Meeting Guides/Toolkits.

Preparing for the 2020 workforce

Global workforce trends such as population shifts, outsourcing and offshoring, BRIC MINT and flatter organizations will all influence the workforce of the future, says Uzma S. Burki, Senior Vice President of HC Strategy at Amtrak.

Igniting Human Potential

Mark Fernandes, Chief Leadership Officer at Luck Companies, speaks about millennials at work, the current state of the world of work, where we can go from the current state, having shared values and the human potential, and making a business proposition.

Creating an enterprise perception of learning

Stacy Henry, Director of Teammate Education at Bridgestone Retail Operations, suggests losing the training talk when developing an environment of learning. She also recommends due diligence, having a seat at the table, making a business impact and tooting your own training horn.

Capella Innovations in Closing the Skills Gap

Capella University President, Scott Kinney, discusses competency based learning and program, flexible learning model solutions, how Capella is leading the way, and more!

Innovation and Intrapreneurship for Enterprise Learning

Tom King, Chief Learning Technologist at Boeing Flight Services shares the key components, background, activities and observables required to become an entrepreneur within an organization.

Cultivating Learning Innovation: Evolving Your Platforms & Strategy to Solve Real L&D Needs

H&R Blocks Director of Learning Innovation & Strategy, Wendy Wright Zeller, presents on Lessons from their “Innovation Evolution,” the four core innovation principles such as; Design with the end in mind, Innovation (necessarily equals) technology, know your stakeholders, and solving for the business problem. She also discusses the five keys to sustaining an innovation culture.

20 Tips & Tricks to Increase Your Win Ratio: LEAN Process Improvement in the Learning Organization

Casper Moerck, Head of Learning Technology Americas at Siemens, gives tips & tricks to increase your win ratio such as; Traditional improvement projects Vs. kaizen method, important focus areas, kaizen workshop rules, value stream mapping & flowcharting, what to do about waste, identifying the eight types of waste. download now to for more!

Accelerating Talent Development: Temptations of a High Potential

Kevin Wilde presents a worksheet on the "Temptations of a High Potential employee" that includes the key challenges the do's and dont's and the opportunities of an exceptional worker.

Leader as Coach: Embracing a culture of coaching

Daniel Kurber, Head of Learning and Organizational Development at Moxie Public Relations goes over a coach versus mentor, the benefits of each, and touching on the roles of frontline management. He also discusses what mindset has to do with coaching, learning objectives, behavior, and the power of listening.

Learner as Customer: Implications and Opportunities for Corporate Learning Functions

Jack Wilson of Cisco Systems explains how Customer Experience combined with Learning and Development equate to the "Learner Experience," which offers four key principles: Aspirational Learner Experience, Personas, Learner Experience Touch Point Model and Learner Experience Measurement.

Linking Learning to Strategy

Doug Bolger, Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Learn2, presents on connecting learning to strategy, leadership development, the one million dollar leader challenge, customer retention solutions, and how to vocalize value.

Learning Transformation The View is Worth the Climb

Edward Trolley SVP, Consulting and Advisory Services at NIIT, speaks about what the business imperative for transformation is, a transformation framework, a set of must do’s, and why it is important to transform.

Open, Free Learning: Get an Ivy league Education for free with MOOCs

Maureen Winningham, CPLP, Global Learning - R&D and IT, at McAfee Connected Learning discusses the progression of the company's Massive Open Online Course structure - the why, the how, the who, the topics, the tracking and the future.


Government Accountability Office Collaborates with Other Government Agencies to Spread L&D Ideas

With reduced government budgets, learning and training programs run by U.S. government agencies have had to become more innovative and collaborative. Gus Crosetto, Chief Learning Officer of the Government Accountability Office, explains:

  • How to align learning and training technology with a company's mission
  • Steps to measure ROI by meeting specific achievement goals and competencies
  • How to collaborate with other similar institutions to share ideas and best practices for learning and training

Innovation as Usual: Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg Says Leaders Need to be Innovation Architects

Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg, author of the recently published Harvard Business Press Review book Innovation as Usual: How to Help Your People Bring Great Ideas to Life, sat down with CLN to discuss the key takeaways from his book. This video cast includes discussion on:

  • Steps leaders can take to become innovation architects
  • The importance of promoting focused innovation
  • How to escape from "brainstorm island" and instead lead sustainable and systematic innovation

[Video] Ethics for People on the Move | Catharyn Baird | TEDxMileHigh

What are the anchors of an ethical life? In this informative talk, ethics maven Catharyn Baird explores the roots of how we think of an ethical life, and how to use them to build strong communities. Presentation by Catharyn Baird, Founder and CEO of EthicsGame, and professor of business, emeritus, at Regis University in Denver.

Commune Hotels Uses Storytelling to Spread Values, Culture

In the process of developing and defining culture at Commune Hotels and Resorts, Kelly Porter, Vice President of Learning & Employee Brand Management, and the rest of the learning team at Commune asked employees some simple questions: Who are we? What do we want to be known for? From these conversations, the team developed ten core values.

Soft Skills Predict Employee Effectiveness and Success

In the last decade, the corporate world has moved from a numbers-obsessed machine with an almost-exclusive focus on hard skills and core competencies to a place where soft skills (e.g. leadership, communication, time management) are recognized and even emphasized. Learning and training leaders who teach these soft skills are seeing executive buy-in because numerous studies point out that soft skills are actually much more predictive of effectiveness and success. Chris Malone is the author of The Human Brand: How We Relate to People People, Products and Companies.

Coca-Cola Uses Social Technology to Engage and Build Capability of its Workers

Mark Kaestner is the group director, talent portfolio management and learning development at The Coca-Cola Company. Mark sat down to talk with us about the learning and training operations Coke has put into place.


The ROI of a New Learning Management System: How to Construct a Successful Business Case

In today’s fast-changing world, the learning management system (LMS) has become mission critical to organizations that are trying to keep employees up-to-date on everything from the latest technologies and regulatory requirements, to industry certifications, best practices plus job-specific and leadership skills.

Still, given today’s economic climate, winning approval for an LMS can present a challenge. The key is to construct a business case that presents the LMS not as an IT expenditure but as a proven tool for achieving measurable ROI and attaining strategic business objectives.Here are 6 key elements to include in your business case to demonstrate the ROI on a SuccessFactors LMS, courtesy of SAP.

Make All Your Learning Instantly Available On-Demand

Brought to you by our Event Partner, Hemsley Fraser

The future of learning is an on-demand model of easy access, says Lynsey Whitmarsh.

The likes of Google, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and BBC iPlayer have shown us how information and entertainment can be searched and accessed on-demand. Forward thinking organisations are now applying this model to their learning.

Take a look at this whitepaper to learn more about on/demand learning, and the specific learning challenges that learners and organizations face.

How Deloitte reinvented performance management

Deloitte realized that its system for evaluating the work of employees--and then training, promoting and paying them accordingly--was increasingly out of step with its objectives. The company then set about designing a radical new management system focused on fueling performance in the future rather than assessing it in the past, which the authors Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall, a Corporate Learning Week speaker, describe in this article.