L&D Global

L&D global

L&D Global (www.lndglobal.org) is a world-wide network of Learning and Development Practitioners. The network has over 30000 members across industries, counties and cultures. The Network was founded by Surya Prakash Mohapatra, a senior Industry Thought Leader in the HR space.


The vision of L&D Global is to build a Global Community where

·         Sharing of knowledge comes naturally

·         Learning and Reflection are intrinsic

·         Elevating Each other is the norm

·         Making a difference to the world within and outside is a dream


The mission of L&D Global is popularly known as 3 Cs: They stand for Collaborate, Co-create and Contribute. L&D Global is striving “To build a Community of Learning & Development Practitioners where members can Collaborate to Co-create new body of knowledge and Contribute meaningfully to the betterment of the fraternity, the industry and the society.”


·         Facilitate forums where members can collaborate, share and learn best practices and exchange ideas

·         Build and maintain a robust Repository of Artifacts, Blogs, Whitepapers, Videos etc. to aid L&D practitioners

·         Form local chapters to facilitate face to face interaction among members

·         Conduct Training programs, Webinars, ‘Chat with Expert’ sessions for members

·         Facilitate Networking among members across different cities and countries

·         Recognize and reward outstanding contribution in the space of learning and development

·         Publish Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Newsletters, Journals etc.

·         Partner with Universities, Institutions, corporations to build synergies

·         Enable corporate and social enterprises to drive meaningful results

Contact Info:

Website: L&D Global