Workforce Equanimity

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Workforce Equanimity empowers companies to meet their business goals by designing, implementing, and growing Intentional
Learning Organizations™. Its process connects learning activities with measurable results so companies can see growth in business
as a product of growth in people.
With a plan in place, its consultants, facilitators, and coaches get to work building cohesion on teams, develop competencies
in managers, draw out leadership skills across the employee spectrum, enable emotional intelligence, encourage constructive
conflict, and much more. In addition, Workforce Equanimity is an authorized partner of Wiley & Sons, publisher of the popular
Everything DiSC® line of behavioral assessments and the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ assessment program developed in cooperation with Patrick Lencioni.
As a result, companies experience lower turnover and the significant costs associated, higher productivity in teams that focus on achieving common results, faster on-boarding through streamlined manager-employee communication, and a full bench of employees developed to be well qualified managers and named leaders of the business.

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